Much has been said about the new design of the G80 BMW M3, most of which isn’t good. The same can be said about the BMW M4 as well but since the M3 is the iconic nameplate, let’s focus on it for this exercise. The new M3 is an oddity of design. Its grille is about as big and brash as they come and it completely reinvents the iconic kidney grille design BMW has been using for a hundred years. Yet, the rest of the car is a bit subtle, a bit more graceful than previous M3s have been. So there’s a weird dichotomy there. That said, the BMW M3 can be made to look good with certain colors, as evidenced by the brand’s excellent Individual Manufaktur Visualizer.

As you likely already know, BMW’s Individual program is one of the more extensive customization programs in the automotive world. BMW Individual offers seemingly countless color, interior and trim combinations, to allow you to make your Bimmer as truly unique as possible. Thankfully, the brand also has an online visualizer, so you can play with all of the available colors and options. While playing with the BMW M3, I found my perfect setup; Dakar Yellow with 19″ Style 826 M wheels, M carbon bucket seats with extended Merino leather in Yas Marina Blue and aluminum fabric high-gloss trim.

That might sound like an eye-searing combination and it is. The BMW M3’s grille is so outlandish that reserved, tasteful color combinations look ridiculous on it. If you want the M3’s design to make sense, you have to go fully mental with the design and the aforementioned combination is about as mental as it gets.

You don’t have to choose the M3, though. You can use this visualizer to customize many of BMW’s current cars and you can easily get lost in it. But being that the BMW M3 is the most controversially designed BMW at the moment, have some fun playing with the visualizer and come up with your best combination, then post it below.

[BMW Individual Manufaktur Visualizer]