We are days away from the world premiere of the new M2 (G87) but a new report is already looking ahead. Well-known BMW insider ynguldyn with a good track record for unearthing details regarding future models has learned the sports coupe will transition to the hotter Competition model in the second half of 2024. Specifically, the switch is reportedly programmed for August.

He refers to a changeover rather than an addition to the lineup, meaning the standard M2 will be dropped. As you have probably heard by now, BMW is moving production of its smallest M car from Leipzig, Germany to the San Luis Potosi Plant in Mexico. That should translate to shorter waiting times for US buyers, but on the flip side, Europeans might have to wait a tad longer than before.

It’s too early to have confirmed details about the M2 Competition especially since the regular model hasn’t even been officially revealed yet. However, taking into consideration the other Competition-badged BMWs, we’re expecting a slight bump in power. For the US market, we’ll remind you the base M2 is believed to have 453 hp (338 kW) from its detuned S58 engine.

The M2C could therefore match the base M4 by offering 473 hp (353 kW) or somewhere in that region. It is believed the new M2 will be heavier than its predecessor but lighter than the M4. Chances are it’ll weigh more than the latest rear-wheel-drive M240i (1,635 kg / 3,604 lbs) considering much of the hardware will come from its bigger brother.

Aside from the engine, six-speed manual and eight-speed automatic transmissions, the M2 will borrow the wheels, tires, brakes, seats, and even the same track widths from big-brother M4. Thanks to a slightly shorter wheelbase and less weight to carry around, it should prove to be more playful. It’ll also be the very last series production M car with a gasoline-only engine.

The M2 G87 will break cover on October 12 (late October 11 in the United States) when we’ll have a foundation the Competition will build upon in 2024.

Source: Bimmer Post