While BMW was quite generous with the technical specs of the new 2023 BMW M2, there was one important figure left out: the weight. As with most BMW pre-drives – short for a quick drive of an early prototype – the focus is almost solely on the driving dynamics. So we’re hardly when BMW engineers hold back on certain things. And lately, that has been the weight of their cars.

Naturally, when it comes to sportscars, the weight is equally important as power specs, for example. It gives an early indication on how the car will handle and perform in certain situations – read: race track. But we still had to ask the question, along with other journalists from Autocar. The answer was as vague as it can get, yet expected.

Weighing Between Old M2 And M4 Coupe

Allegedly, the new 2023 BMW M2 weighs somewhere between the F87 M2 and the M4 Coupe. The outgoing M2 Competition is 75 kg (165 lb) heavier than the standard M2 which had 1,550 kg (3,417 lb) for manual transmission models and 1,575 kg (3,472 lb) for dual-clutch transmission models. So the weight of the F87 M2 Competition is between 1,625 and 1,650 kg (3,582 lbs – 3,637 lbs).

The new manually-equipped G82 M4 – rear-wheel drive – tips the scales at 1,674 kg (3,690 lbs). The auto-only M4 Competition – all-wheel drive – weighs 1,725 kg (3,803 lbs). BMW hasn’t mentioned which M4 Coupe they used for comparison, so that’s a major factor in guesstimating  the weight of the G87 M2.

One thing is almost certain though: with a lot of components inherited from the M4 – such as the S58 engine, cooling system, exhaust system, brakes – the new 2023 BMW M2 will likely be heavier than the M240i Coupe rear wheel drive. The extra weight is offset by the power bump – the M-lite M240i makes 382 horsepower while the G87 M2 will come in around 450 hp.

Regardless of how “hot” this topic is for the BMW community, the marketing team in Munich is unlikely to release the weight figure prior to the start of communication in October 2023. So we’ll have to be patient or just keep guessing.