If you want some aero, design, and tuning parts for your BMW, it’s hard to pass on 3D Design. The Japanese tuner has been making some of the best BMW parts in the world for years. However, every once in a while, it also makes parts for MINIs and this new tuning package for the F54 MINI Clubman JCW LCI is very fun.

The MINI Clubman is a cool car for someone who wants something small and playful but also needs a bit more utility. But if that same person wants a bit more performance, they can turn to the JCW model, which packs more power, speed, and handling. However, even with that extra speed, handling, and power, it still might not be exciting enough. Which is where this new 3D Design tuning kit comes in.

Some of the new parts are only available for the LCI (facelift) model, such as the new side skirts and rear diffuser, though there are some parts available for pre-LCI cars. For instance, both the roof spoiler and front lip spoiler can be had on either car. There’s also a 3D Design lowering kit and forged 19-inch wheels, which give it a more aggressive stance.

Inside, there are the usual 3D Design upgrades, such as new aluminum pedals and carbon fiber shift paddles. You can also get those same shift paddles in aluminum, too, which is the cooler choice but the carbon paddles are still better than the stock ones.

The stock MINI Clubman JCW makes 302 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque but 3D Design offers a mild 20 horsepower bump with a simple tune. That isn’t going to make much of a difference but it might feel a bit peppier than the stock car.

These upgrades aren’t flashy or flamboyant but they do make the Clubman JCW look a bit more exciting, in a subtle, handsome way. Plus, being 3D Design, you know that every part will be of the highest quality and fit perfectly. So if you’re a MINI Clubman JCW owner, and you want a bit more spice in your automotive life, check out 3D Design’s new tuning kit.