You know you’re a real fanatic when you’re clicking on a link to check out a partial spy shot of the upcoming BMW M5’s new bumper. I can’t blame you, though, as I did the same. However, this BMW M5 is more importantly than any other since the original E28 M5, so you’re forgiven for your immense intrigue. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

Why is this BMW M5 so important? It’s going to be the first-ever plug-in hybrid M5. In fact, it’s going to be the first electrified M car of any kind in history. That makes the new M5 a stepping off point for the M Division, as it transitions toward eventual full electrification. Thus, the M5’s importance.

That also makes its design important. If the next-gen BMW M5 is a technological marvel but it looks a pig, it’s going to be remembered only for looking like a pic. Take the G80 M3 Competition, for example. Brilliant driver’s car but no one can stop talking about its freakish face. Which is why fans are so eager to see this upcoming M5 and will race to click on any image that might provide a hint of its new design.

In these new photos, you can see some of the camo has been peeled back on its front end, showing its front bumper. In that front bumper are a pretty typical set of air intakes for an M car. They’re big, they’re angular, and they make it look very schporty. You can also see its kidney grilles in these photos, which are thankfully quite normal looking. There was a worry that BMW would pull an M3 and give the M5 monster grilles, despite the standard 5 Series not having them. However, those worries can be dismissed, as the BMW M5 will have quite handsome looking grilles. They’re still large but they’re perfectly proportionate to the rest of the front end.

Rumored to make 750 horsepower

Powering the new BMW M5 will be the lates S68 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 but aided by an electric motor and some batteries. We’re not sure how much power it will have but it’s very possible that 750 horsepower is the number. It’s going to use the same powertrain as the BMW XM, which will make 750 horses in the full-fat version. So, it stands to reason that the M5 will make the same. But let’s just breathe that in for a moment… Seven hundred and fifty horsepower!

[Source: Motor1]