Back in July, German tuning house AC Schnitzer unveiled their aftermarket program for the BMW M240i Coupe. From aggressive styling to a bump in power, the G42 has taken a heavy dose of tuner steroids to make you forget about the impending release of the G87. Today, we bring you some new photos of the mid-size sports coupe from AC Schnitzer. As always, their tuning program kicks off with a design makeover.

More Power, Great Looks

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Work started on the outside where AC Schnitzer fitted a comprehensive aerodynamic body kit comprising a front splitter and interesting dual winglets on the trunk lid. A roof-mounted spoiler has also been added, but what stands out the most is the stainless-steel quad exhaust setup with carbon fiber finishers. Naturally, all these upgrades are also compatible with the newly launched rear-wheel-drive M240i.

A variety of 19- and 20-inch alloy wheels can be had at an additional cost and can be optionally complemented by a stiffer suspension setup lowering the ride height by 20-25 mm. AC Schnitzer says it’s also working on custom springs for the lesser four-cylinder models. Inside, the tuning specialist used a lot of aluminum for the gear shift paddles, pedals, footrest, and even the key holder. As a final touch, the steering wheel is wrapped in a combination of leather and Alcantara.

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But as always, the AC Schnizer cars also bring additional performance. With a bump in power to 420 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque, the M240i by AC Schnitzer will provide additional thrills behind the wheel. The sound was also improved, thanks to a custom stainless-steel exhaust system. In combination with an AC Schnitzer control unit, the exhaust and intake modifications account for a 12% increase in horsepower and a 17% torque gain.

The ride quality was also improved, thanks to a sports suspension. The springs drop the car by 20-25mm, not only improving its stance, but also its balance on and off the track. As you can tell in the images below, there is a beast hiding underneath that sheet metal.

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