BMW M240i

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Upclose with the BMW M240i by AC Schnitzer

Back in July, German tuning house AC Schnitzer unveiled their aftermarket program for the BMW M240i Coupe. From aggressive styling to a bump in power, the G42 has taken a heavy dose of tuner steroids…

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VIDEO: BMW Versus Toyota In Ultimate Drag Race

Hagerty’s Jason Cammisa heads over to the drag strip with a fleet of high performance cars. But this is not your typical drag race. Instead, Cammissa brings a head-to-head comparison between a series of BMW…

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BMW M240i xDrive with M Performance Parts

The BMW M240i is an interesting looking car. From some angles, it looks really good. From others, it looks odd. It isn’t ugly, nor is it great looking. It’s a bit of a mixed bag….

VIDEO: How Does Joe Achilles Feel About the BMW M240i After Three Months?

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VIDEO: Is the BMW M240i Actually Better Than the M2?

Whenever a new M Performance car debuts, there will always be comparisons between it and its full-on M Division sibling. Reason being is that the M Performance version is usually quite a bit more comfortable,…

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VIDEO: BMW M240i vs Audi RS3 Sedan

The BMW M240i is a car that punches above its weight. Despite not being a full-on M car and not having as much power as some other cars in its price range, it still manages…