Spy photographers have been obsessively stalking BMW in these past few months to capture prototypes of the new M2. Case in point, the car paparazzi have now jumped at the opportunity to film a camouflaged G87 while it was being pushed hard at the Nürburgring. With the world premiere inching closer, it comes as no surprise the test vehicle seemingly had all the production body panels and lights in place.

The disguised sports coupe seemed to have an automatic transmission but it’s a known fact a manual will be offered. Come to think of it, the M2 will be the only way to get a stick shift with the current-generation 2 Series. It’s also set to go down in history as the last non-hybrid M car ever, although the ultra-exclusive 3.0 CSL coming before the year’s end will also do away with electrification.

The sound you’re hearing comes from the very same S58 engine powering the M4. Well, not exactly the same since the inline-six will certainly be detuned so as not to step on big brother’s toes. Regardless of gearbox choice, the 3.0-liter twin-turbo unit will produce 450 hp in a car that’s going to be heavier (quelle surprise) than the old M2 F87 but at least lighter than the M4.

Not only will the compact performance machine borrow the engine from its elderly brother, but it’ll also inherit the cooling system, steel brakes, and the brake-by-wire system. You’ll have to step up to an M4 for the optional carbon-ceramic setup. While the previous generation offered adaptive dampers only on the spicy CS derivative, the new M2 will have them from the get-go as standard equipment. Fun fact: the front and rear tracks are going to be as wide as on the M4.

BMW will host the world premiere of the new M2 in October. In the meantime, it’s kicking off production of a rear-wheel-drive M240i that removes 55 kilograms from the equivalent xDrive model. While the M Performance model now gives you the option between AWD and RWD, the range-topping variant will only send power to the rear axle. M Performance Parts will be offered, along with a carbon-fiber roof at an additional cost.

Source: CarSpyMedia / YouTube