By now, you all probably know I like to get preachy about BMW’s Individual color program. For starters, life is too short of own a boring looking car. Furthermore, it makes no sense to spend good money on a special car and not get a special color. Lastly, so few automakers off such a wide array of optional colors, it makes no sense to not take advantage of it. I understand getting a normal color on a BMW 330i sedan but on an M car, or even an M Performance car, get the special color.

In this photo gallery, you get to see three different Individual colors on several different cars. The cars in question are the BMW M4 Competition Coupe, the BMW M135i, BMW X6 M, BMW X7, and 8 Series Gran Coupe.

Photo by @dicklovett

The M4 Comp and M135i both get Fire Orange, made famous by the E92 M3 Lime Rock edition, which came in either Lime Rock Grey or the aforementioned Fire Orange. It’s one of BMW’s all-time great colors, with just enough vibrancy to make it excitement without it being too much of a boy-racer color.

As for the BMW X6 M, it gets a fun Java Green. While bold, vibrant greens like Java Green usually work best on truly exotic cars (think: Lamborghini), it actually works well on the X6 M. The incongruity of an SUV wearing such a bright green is fun.

Photo by @dicklovett

Lastly, the X7, 8 Series Gran Coupe, and another M135i get a British Racing Green. The irony of German cars wearing a British Racing Green is funny but it actually works. All three cars look really good in the moody shade of green. Obviously, the 8er is the best looking of the bunch but the X7 looks really good in it, too.

This collection of BMWs, some of them ordinary, proves that Individual colors really do make a big difference. Yes, they’re expensive but if you’re already buying an expensive car, live a little and get the cool color. [Source:]

[Photos by @dicklovett ]