BMW Individual colors

bmw m4 Grigio Medio images 27 750x500

BMW M4 Grigio Medio – A Ferrari color

Jimmy at Thomas BMW dealership in California brings us one of the most exciting M4s found on the U.S. market. Painted in the Ferrari-color Grigio Medio, the M4 not only stands out with its unique…

BMW F80 M3 in San Marino Blue

A BMW F80 M3 in the unique BMW Individual San Marino Blue was spotted in Warsaw, Poland. San Marino Blue is one of the most special shades of blue one can buy in the BMW…

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe in Ruby Red II Individual Color

bmw m3 ferrari red images 01 750x500

BMW M3 in Ferrari Red Individual Color

The folks over at BMW Seattle are bringing us the first BMW M3 painted in the “Ferrari Red” color. The bright red is identical with the Rosso Corsa offered by Ferrari and can be ordered…