The BMW M240i is an interesting looking car. From some angles, it looks really good. From others, it looks odd. It isn’t ugly, nor is it great looking. It’s a bit of a mixed bag. Overall, I like it because it’s small and sporty looking and I really like its grille. However, others don’t like it and I understand why. However you feel about it, adding M Performance parts such as these will only exaggerate your feelings for it.

As someone who mostly likes the look of the M240i, I think some of these M Performance parts work and some don’t. For instance, the wheels look great; they’re sporty but not over-styled and they’re just big enough to fill the wheel arches nicely. The front carbon bits, as well as the side skirts and rear spoiler are kind of fun, too.

However, not everything is perfect. The decals are a bit much, especially on the hood where it seems like a Pep Boys special. Then there’s the carbon fiber roof antennae, which not only looks absurd but seems utterly pointless. Obviously, it’s purely aesthetic but is it really fooling anyone? Silly. Worst of all, though, is the faux rear diffuser. The standard car’s is pretty pathetic but that’s expected of a stock car. Adding the optional M Performance “diffuser” and having it look so obviously fake is insulting. It’s so blatantly useless that I’m actually kind of mad someone at BMW thought it would look good.

Some of the interior bits are nice, though. For instance, the partially Alcantara steering wheel looks good and the Alcantara armrest, with “M Performance” on it looks cool too. Though, the latter of which will likely get sweaty after awhile. Alcantara also isn’t the best material for skin oils and can get quite gross over time. So as cool as the armrest looks, keep that in mind.

Personally, if I were speccing a BMW M240i, I might choose some of these parts, specifically the wheels. [Photos:]