The 2023 BMW X5 M Facelift (F95 LCI) is currently going through testing phases on the iconic Nurburgring. In this latest video, the upcoming BMW X5 M Facelift gives us a closer look at the redesigned front and rear-end of the car. The prototype shows a new kidney grille design with horizontally arranged struts, instead of the vertical layout in the current model. So far, only the BMW M3 and M4, and the upcoming XM and M2 have a similar struts design. Not only will the new kidney grille design look more appealing, but it will also further differentiate itself from the regular X5 M Performance models.

New Engine, Same Power Output

BMW’s designers won’t go wild by splitting the headlights into two separate modules. But it will get slightly different headlights. Changes to the bumpers and taillights are also in order, but nothing to write home about. It’ll be a different story inside where the X5 M will switch to the iDrive 8, thus bringing it in line with the other crossovers like the X1 / iX1, X7 and the iX. On the larger models, it pairs a 12.3-inch digital driver’s display with a 14.9-inch touchscreen. It remains to be seen whether the beefy gear selector will be phased out in favor of a smaller toggle switch.

Under the hood of the BMW X5 M facelift, a new engine will move in with the facelift. We just had a chance to test drive the S68 in the BMW X7 Facelift, even though it was a detuned version. Also a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 like the N63 before it, the new powertrain will adopt a mild-hybrid system for better efficiency and a bit more boost in the low-end rpms. We’ve heard it’ll make 625 horsepower as before, which makes sense since the X7 M60i has the same output figures as the M50i it replaced. This new S68 engine will be shared with all V8 powered M cars, including the X6 M and next-gen M5.

BMW is rumored to kick off the production of the facelifted X7 in April 2023, which means the world premiere is scheduled to take place early next year. Production will continue to take place at the BMW Spartanburg plant in South Carolina until July 2026. As for the BMW X6 M Facelift, it has an identical start of production date but will continue to be made until March 2027.

[Top BMW X5 M LCI unofficial rendering by SRK Designs / YouTube]