Courtesy of Hendrick BMW in Charlotte, North Carolina, we bring you the first photos of the Blue Ridge Mountain color on the 2023 BMW X7 Facelift. We’ve seen the new X7 in Carbon Black and Frozen Pure Grey, but now it’s time to look at the often understated Blue Ridge Mountain. The X7 featured here is one of the two models sold in the United States – X7 xDrive40i. The B58-powered X7 xDrive40i makes 380 horsepower and 383 lb-ft (520 Nm) of torque, but it can be boosted to 398 lb-ft (540 Nm) of torque, with some temporary help from the hybrid motor. BMW claims a 0-60 time of 5.8 seconds. All BMW X7 models are paired with an eight-speed automatic and xDrive all-wheel drive

New Color Options

Photos by and Hendrick BMW

Also, there are some really interesting color options for the 2023 BMW X7 Facelift: Sparking Copper Metallic, Skyscraper Grey and Manhattan Green Metallic. Inside, there are several different excellent options to choose from, even if they’re all pretty standard for modern BMW luxury cars. One combo that stands out is the BMW Individual Ivory White/Atlas Grey Full Merino Leather. Of course, the biggest upgrade inside is the addition of a large and curved display powered by iDrive 8. Furthermore, the X7 Facelift features redesigned air vents and an illuminated ambient light bar. The classic gear level is also gone, replaced by a smaller switch like in the 3 Series Facelift.

Photos by and Hendrick BMW

On the outside, the BMW X7 Facelift gains a new split headlight design that’s entirely different from any other headlight design in the brand’s history. It’s a bold new design direction for a car that’s already polarizing. The headlights are now split into two halves, upper and a lower. The upper half features a modern, slimmer take on the signature dual-halo BMW headlight design, by offering two slim, upside down hockey stick LEDs. Out back, the BMW X7 Facelift’s taillights are nearly identical to the pre-LCI taillights, except they have a bit more depth and are darker in color.

For 2023, the X7 kicks off at $77,850 for the xDrive40i and rises to $103,100 for the BMW X7 M60i, before options.

[Photos by and Hendrick BMW]