The first-ever BMW X7 M60i is our next test drive. The refreshed X7 SUV was unveiled earlier this year, but it is now ready to land in the hands of journalists from around the world. Yet, prior to the media event, first BMW X7 units are starting to arrive at U.S. dealerships. St.Louis-based BMW Autohaus just received their first X7 allocation: a stunning BMW X7 M60i in Black Sapphire with a black leather interior.

New Headlights and Refreshed Interior

Photos and BMW Autohaus

As you’d expect, the black paint job matches the facelifted design better than any other color. Thanks to the split headlights and slightly redesigned kidney grille, the front-end is not only more aggressive in looks, but also more luxurious. The headlights are now split into two halves, upper and a lower. The upper half features a modern, slimmer take on the signature dual-halo BMW headlight design, by offering two slim, upside down hockey stick LEDs.

Photos and BMW Autohaus

The top lights act as daytime running lights, as well as turn signals, leaving the lower half to handle the main and high beams. The lower half is much bigger, due to housing the main lighting elements, and it extends into vertical air intakes in the front bumper. It’s also slightly tinted, to give the impression that the main beams are hiding in the background, until needed. Out back, the BMW X7 Facelift’s taillights are nearly identical to the pre-LCI taillights, except they have a bit more depth and are darker in color. Additionally, the X7 Facelift gets an optional illuminated kidney grille , just like the X6 and upcoming 7 Series. The illumination is activated when one of the doors is opened and can be tuned on or off through the iDrive system.

Photos and BMW Autohaus

Some of the option changes include 23″ wheels and a few new colors. The top of the line BMW X7 M60i gets a few new shades as well, including M Marina Bay Blue, Ametrine Metallic, and Frozen Pure Grey Metallic. There are of course a ton of new Individual colors available too, including Daytona Violet and Ruby Red. The BMW X7 M60i will also get an optional “BMW M 50 Years” emblem on the hood, tailgate and hubcaps.

Curved Display and iDrive 8

Photos and BMW Autohaus

Inside, the BMW X7 Facelift is mostly the same as before, with only a few small, but meaningful, updates. It gets some new tech and a couple of interesting features that keep it fresh for 2022. The main update you’ll notice is the massive new iDrive 8 screen, borrowed straight from the BMW iX. Not only is it the same screen but it’s implemented the same way, with a floating design, so it now hangs over the expansive piece of wood trim on the dashboard. More subtle updates include the light bar on the passenger side of the dashboard, which reads “X7”, and the iX-style shift toggle, which replaces the old shift lever.

First Ever M60i BMW Model

BMW’s first all-new V8 engine in ages will also first hit the scene on this new X7. It’s internally known as the “S68” engine and will be a proper M Division V8 that will also be used in some M Performance cars, such as the BMW X7 M60i. Just like its predecessor, the S68 will be a 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 and will get some proper motorsport tech, such as a cross-bank exhaust manifold, bank-symmetrical turbochargers, external engine oil cooling with an all-new oil pump, a reinforced crankshaft, and a lightweight oil sump.

More importantly, it also gains 48-volt mild-hybrid technology, with added power from an electric motor. BMW claims the 48-volt mild hybrid motor makes 12 horsepower but up to 147 lb-ft (200Nm) of torque. It’s also said to aid the smoothing of auto start/stop technology. Total system power for the BMW X7 M60i is 530 horsepower and 553 lb-ft (750 Nm) of torque. According to BMW, the M60i gets from 0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds.

[Photos by and BMW Autohaus]