The BMW 3 Series Facelift is by all means a mild design update. Yet, the visual changes are quite effective. Earlier this week, we spent a few hours in Munich with the G20 3 Series Sedan and managed to capture some of the design changes on camera. Below, you will find a photo gallery of a 330i facelift model, along with a video walk-around of the same car.

The G20 BMW 3 Series Facelift gets an entirely new grille, all-new headlights, and a new lower front fascia. The first thing most of you will notice is the headlight change, though. The pre-LCI 3 Series was unique in the BMW lineup, with little notches in the undersides of its headlights.

New Headlights and Kidneys

Those same notches are now gone and the 3 Series’ headlights look more like those from the 4 Series. Those headlights come full LED as-standard and with the brand’s latest anti-dazzle technology. The grille is also slightly different, now a bit sharper and packing M-style double grille slats.

Beneath the new grille and headlights, much larger air intakes replace the old, smaller ones. This is probably the largest area of improvement. The large air intakes of the M Sport Package are also painted in the same body color as the car, compared to black as before.

Due to pedestrian regulations, the nose is also more angles, shark-like, while the gap between the kidneys and bumper is extremely slim. According to BMW, the car is now 4mm longer, but that’s mostly to the aforementioned changes to the front fascia. The rear bumper is different and features a redesigned diffuser in the middle.

iDrive 8 and Curved Display

Of course, it’s the interior that stands out now. The BMW 3 Series Facelift gets the same interior as the BMW i4, with the same new iDrive 8 integration, the dual infotainment screen setup, and BMW’s latest digital gauges. Unlike the i4, though, the new 3 Series ditches the old robot-leg shift lever for the iX’s toggle switch. A subtle update to the interior is one that does make a significant difference and that’s the piece of dash trim that’s now taller, more sculpted, and more premium looking than the pre-LCI’s simpler piece of trim.

If you’d like to see the changes from upclose, click the video below and also our photo gallery. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!