The BMW M4 CSL painted in Sapphire Black is back after we first spotted it at a dealer in The Netherlands earlier this week. This time around, we get a more immersive experience courtesy of a walkaround video showing the black beast from all angles, inside and out. Not only that, but we also have the opportunity to hear the mighty roar of its inline-six engine.

Limited to only 1,000 units, the Competition Sport Lightweight is in some good company as it shares the dealer’s showroom floor with its predecessor, the M3 E46 CSL. For good reason, the video is all about the most potent version of the G81 with its striking red accents and the classic Motorsport emblem. The two-seat coupe is one of those cars that looks fast standing still. We appreciate BMW made the effort to tweak the graphics in the digital instrument cluster to match the car’s real color.

BMW M4 CSL / Dubbelsteyn – BMW & MINI

With this being a car for the Dutch market, we must point out The Netherlands is one of the most expensive markets for the M4 CSL since it costs an eye-watering €215,243. An M4 Competition retails for €132,644 in the same country where high-performance cars are extremely expensive. For the sake of comparison, the M4 CSL is about €50,000 cheaper at home in Germany where the M4 Competition can be had for about €38,000 less than in The Netherlands.

As for the car itself, the black paint makes the oversized kidney grille less obtrusive, while the integrated trunk lid spoiler harkens back to its predecessor we mentioned earlier. This stealthy look suits the M4 CSL quite nicely, but BMW is also selling the car in Frozen Brooklyn Grey or Alpine White.

Speaking of colors, the video also shows the yellow daytime running lights we also saw on the M5 CS as a tribute to race cars of yesteryear. With the car being all black, the numerous carbon fiber upgrades don’t stand out as much as they do on the M4 CSLs finished in either of the two other paints, therefore making it less flashy.

With today’s stricter emissions and sound regulations in the European Union, we’re pleasantly surprised by how loud and aggressive the engine soundtrack is, even at idle.

Source: 97robin997 / YouTube, Photos: Dubbelsteyn – BMW & MINI