€215,243 – this is the starting price of the BMW M4 CSL in The Netherlands. It makes the US model a bargain (well, kind of) by comparison since it “only” costs $139,900. Dutch folks with pockets deep enough to afford the hardcore coupe should know Dubbelsteyn – BMW & MINI has taken delivery of a stealthy Sapphire Black example with red contrasting accents inside and out. The paint is a no-cost option and is just one of the three shades available, along with Alpine White and Frozen Brooklyn Grey.

The yellow lights representing a throwback to race cars from yesteryear are a nice touch and you’ll probably remember the M5 CS also had them. Speaking of limited edition models, the M4 CSL is capped at only 1,000 units for the whole world and we have a feeling many of them will be ordered in Frozen Brooklyn Grey since all the press shots and the car from the Goodwood Festival of Speed had that color.

BMW M4 CSL / Dubbelsteyn – BMW & MINI

The M4 CSL showcased by Dubbelsteyn – BMW & MINI has a full leather Merino black interior with loads of carbon fiber and bucket seats. As with all CSLs based on the G82 generation, it does away with rear seats in an effort to shave off as much weight as possible. Compared to a regular rear-wheel-drive M4 Competition, it has lost a whopping 100 kilograms. Those bucket seats save about 24 kg while removing the rear ones has shaved off 21 kg.

Those M4 CSL-exclusive wheels and carbon ceramic brakes have reduced weight by a further 21 kg, with an additional 15 kg removed by reducing the amount of soundproofing. BMW’s engineers cut 7 kg by making use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic for some of the components, along with using a titanium rear silencer to delete 4 kg from the exhaust’s weight. You’ll be surprised to hear modifications made to the kidney grille, taillight, automatic climate control system, and even the floor mats have cut 4 kg of weight.

Source: Dubbelsteyn – BMW & MINI