The BMW M Drive Tour celebrates its 8th birthday this year. And there is no better moment to celebrate considering that this year is the BMW M’s 50th anniversary. The road show stopped last month in Bulgaria where over three days, more than 150 participants from all over the country had the opportunity to test the latest M products. Among the usual suspects you would find the BMW M3 and M4, along with the X3 M and X4 M power SUVs.

Of course, the BMW Individual program is heavily featured this year. Most of the regional BMW M events now focus on highlighting the extensive color palette from Munich. In the photos below, you will have a chance to see the BMW M3 and M4 in Signal Green, Zanzibar II Metallic, Urban Green, Frozen Grey and San Remo Green, among many others. Most of these M cars are also equipped with the 50 years of M roundel which is available for vehicles delivered this year.

The M Drive Tour 2022 also aimed to show the capabilities of the M xDrive four-wheel drive system on the track and on the public road network. The idea is to showcase the year-round utility of BMW’s latest M products. And judging by the images here, the participants felt at home on the track while drifting the new M4 Coupe. The BMW X3 M and X4 M Competition ran the imperfect surface of rural roads with ease,  a testament to their versatility aspect.

The 50 Years of M celebrations won’t stop here though. In just a couple of weeks, BMW of North America will bring an impressive fleet of M cars at the annual Monterey Car Week. A few weeks after, the M brand will unveil their first ever XM luxury SUV, their second ever bespoke model. And naturally, the year will end with a bang. The reborn BMW 3.0 CSL will arrive with not only a unique design and body style, but also with a massive price tag: a rumored 750,000 euros. Only 50 units will be available with majority of them destined for Europe, and none for the U.S. market.

[Photos: BMW Bulgaria]

BMW M4 Signal Green

BMW M4 Zanzibar II

BMW M4 Toronto Red

BMW M4 Mint Green

BMW M Drive Tour 2022