You’ve probably seen your fair share of videos featuring the Toyota Supra being drag raced against a BMW with the same B58 engine. However, most of them have featured newer versions of the turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six unit. This video is a bit more interesting as it features the old M140i hot hatchback in the rear-wheel-drive configuration with the B58B30M0 engine.

Mind you, gone are the days it used to produce the series 335 horsepower as the six-cylinder mill has been massaged to unlock 460 hp. British aftermarket specialist MK Performance gave it a custom downpipe, an M Performance catback exhaust, and a stage 2 kit.

In the other corner, the Toyota Supra 3.0 had its B58 upgraded by UK-based SRD Tuning to the same power. The 460 ponies were extracted courtesy of a new induction kit, exhaust, and a remapped ECU.

Before putting those numbers to the test in a drag race, a sound test was organized and we’d argue the Supra easily won the duel. In the first actual showdown, the M140i was unable to put all that power to the wheels as it wasn’t until the driver changed to third gear when traction finally became optimal. It was more of the same in the second drag race, with the BMW abusing its poor rear tires.

With grip no longer being an issue in the rolling race, the M140i performed far better. The two cars were neck and neck throughout the entire duel, with the Bavarian hatchback ultimately taking the win. The subsequent rolling race was done at a higher entrance speed (50 mph) and that made a world of difference since the Supra took a fairly comfortable win. However, the BMW driver says he took his foot off the accelerator pedal right before the start.

The third and final rolling race was extremely close, a proverbial photo finish showing the M140i was first.