BMW debuted the M2 CS Racing MotoGP Safety Car a month ago and now it’s showing it off on video. Literally and figuratively the ultimate M2 F87, the track-only machine is joined on camera by the M 1000 RR Safety Bike. Loris Capirossi and Remy Gardner also make an appearance on camera, but all eyes are on the performance coupe.

The M2 CS Racing isn’t the only Safety Car that BMW M is providing this year in MotoGP since it will share duties with the M3 Competition. We’ll be seeing the M4 Competition performing the same role, along with the M5 CS and M8 Competition Gran Coupe. They’ll be joined by an X5 M Medical Car, plus the i4 M50 Safety Car for the MotoE World Cup.

Some appear to be hiding in the shadows unless BMW is up to something by teasing an unreleased model. Speaking of which, the M division has been rather busy in recent weeks by previewing the M3 Touring and the M4 CSL. We have yet to catch a glimpse of the M2, but we know for a fact it’s debuting this year. In addition, the production-ready XM will break cover before the end of 2022.

The M2 CS Racing Looks The Part In MotoGP Livery

Getting back to the M2 CS Racing MotoGP Safety Car at hand, it has extra lights and a roll cage. It’s a stripped-out version of BMW M’s smallest car by removing the rear seats. Aside from the retro livery, it also wears the vintage BMW Motorsport badges you can have on a road-going model in 2022. They’re available for all M and M Performance vehicles throughout the course of the year. These retro touches are BMW’s way of celebrating 50 years of M.

Logic tells us the M2 CS Racing will be replaced by the new M2 for the 2023 season. We also wouldn’t mind seeing the M3 Touring as a Medical Car and/or the M4 CSL in some capacity during the next MotoGP season.

Source: BMW M / Instagram