Swiss tuner dAHLer tweaked the BMW M240i xDrive earlier this year and now it’s back with a new project based on a real M car. The custom build is based on a latest-generation M4 Coupe (G82), and while it doesn’t look all that different at a first glance, the are quite a few changes on the outside and underneath the hood.

Work started on the outside where the performance coupe has been fitted with the tuner’s own forged lightweight wheels measuring 20 inches at both axles, with 285/30 tires at the front and 295/30 R20 rubber for the rear. An even bigger 21-inch set will be available from the end of this month. These new shoes are complemented by suspension lowering springs that bring the M4 closer to the road by 26 millimeters (one inch) regardless if it’s the rear- or all-wheel-drive version.

Then there’s the quad exhaust system, either a stainless-steel setup with an adjustable flap or a high-performance version featuring the same adjustment. Those looking for more visual drama can opt for the beefy 114-mm tips rather than the standard 100-mm diameter. The custom exhaust can be optionally had with a carbon air intake and a sports air filter kit.

The real magic is within the S58 engine as dAHLer can take the twin-turbo inline-six unit to over 610 horsepower and 720 Newton-meters (531 pound-feet) of torque courtesy of a stage 1 upgrade. Should that still not be enough, the 3.0-liter can produce 630 hp and 740 Nm (546 lb-ft) by opting for the stage 2 kit.

As a final touch, dAHLer says additional styling tweaks are in the works, not just for the M4 Coupe, but also for the M3 Sedan and M4 Convertible. Chances are it’s only a matter of time before the aftermarket scene will begin to show the recently unveiled M3 Touring G81 some love.

Source: dAHLer