BMW’s full electrification plans will be even more visible starting in 2025. The Munich-based automaker is launching a new EV-first platform – Neue Klasse – which will bring electrified vehicles to the entire BMW lineup. We’ve already learned about the next-generation BMW X3 going electric, but today, the usual BMW insider ynguldyn shares some new details.

As expected, the next X5, X6 and X7 models will also get an electrified version. The insider says that the G65 X5, G66 X6 and G67 X7 will also get an electrified version in the form of the iX5, iX6 and iX7. But this is where things get interesting. While the upcoming iX3 NA5 and iX4 NA6 are built on the Neue Klasse platform, the iX5, iX6 and iX7 will use the flexible CLAR architecture.

CLAR Architecture

Therefore, the new electric crossovers will share the same platform as their ICE counterparts, similar to the current iX3, i4, i7 and upcoming i5. The choice is quite interesting because a dedicated platform has certain benefits when it comes to packaging, design and range. So one has to wonder if this decision is purely based on timing and roll-out schedules. The iX3 and iX4 have certainly made the cut on Neue Klasse because they’re the first to be refreshed.

No other details are known at the moment, but we expect the next-generation of electric crossovers to come with updated battery packs which should deliver at least the range of the BMW iX or i7. We also expect their design to stay close to the ICE and hybrid models while the interior should take advantage of the latest tech and design trends.

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