At the moment, the BMW i4 M50 is a pretty special car in the Bavarian lineup. Its specialness might fade over time, as more and more electric Bimmers hit the market–such as the all-electric 3 Series–but for now it’s the only all-electric BMW with M3-like performance. And if you’re gonna buy a special car, might as well get it in a special color. Thankfully BMW offers plenty of special colors to choose from, the problem is that most customers have little to no idea of what they are. So we thought we’d show you.

BMW has a nifty visualizer, which allows you to look through all of its Individual color options and see how they look on your car of choice. The i4 M50 was added to the visualizer, allowing you to check it out in all sorts of different, unique colors.

There are some really interesting options in the visualizer. For instance, you can get Fire Orange, the color made famous by the E92 M3 Lime Rock Edition, or Dakar Yellow, another iconic M Division color. You can also choose Ferrari’s Rosso Corsa and Audi’s Nardo Grey, two beloved colors from other brands. There are also some truly unique colors, such as Wildberry, Zanzibar Metallic, or Malachite Green. Whichever color you choose, your i4 M50 will stand out in your neighborhood as the cool car on the block.

Ninety-percent of BMW customers have no idea just how many color choices there are in the Individual program. There are literally dozens of special colors to choose from, none of which will be found at your local dealer’s lot. They have to be special ordered, and they aren’t exactly cheap, but when you’re buying a special car like the i4 M50, they’re worth the cost. Choosing a color that really makes you smile will make your day when you’re walking up to it in the morning and after work. You can’t put a price tag on that.

[Source: BMW Individual Visualizer]