BMW i4 M50

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BMW i4 M50 – How Far You Can Drive at Top Speed?

Cold weather and top speeds are sworn enemies of electric vehicles. At least until the battery technology is improved. So it comes as no surprise that driving on the Autobahn with the pedal to the…

BMW i4 M50 M Brooklyn Grey Shows Carbon Upgrades At BMW Welt

AC Schnitzer tunes up the BMW i4 electric Gran Coupe

. The subject this time is the all-new BMW i4. The electric Gran Coupe made its world debut earlier this year and it’s slowly starting to arrive in customers’ hands. While AC Schnitzer is mostly…

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BMW i4 M50 driven until battery reached 0%

Usual EV tester Bjørn Nyland is back behind the wheel of the BMW i4 M50. But this time with a twist. Nyland decided to drive the high-performance i4 until its battery will reach 0% charge….

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Is this BMW i4 M50 worth $82,000?

In this video review, we take a close look at the new BMW i4 M50, the top model of the i4 family. Even though the MSRP starts at $65,900, this particular i4 M50 is fully…

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VIDEO: The BMW i4 M50 is Good But is it a Driver’s Car?

In this new video from, Ciro di Siena drives the BMW i4 M50 and acknowledges that it’s good but questions whether it’s an actual driver’s car. It’s a question many enthusiasts have but one…

BMW i4 M50 3 of 29 830x553

Here Are The Straight Pipes Best EV Car Launches of 2022

Most fast electric vehicles only have one party trick—straight-line acceleration. Off the line, pound-for-pound, nothing accelerates like an EV. Some of which are so violent that full-throttle launches can actually be uncomfortable. In this new…