BMW is readying its LCI facelift for the X7 SUV, which will bring the brand’s new split-headlight design, illuminated kidney grilles, and some new interior bits. However, the LCI isn’t here just yet, as the pre-LCI X7 is still the car on dealer lots. So before it goes, let’s take a look at this photo gallery of the O.G. BMW X7 taking a lovely mountain drive.

Mock the BMW X7 all you want for being a big, overweight, money-making machine for the Bavarians. It’s all of those things, no question about it. But it’s more than that, too. The X7 is a surprisingly good car, one of BMW’s best. I know that sounds weird, considering the fact that it’s basically the antithesis of the BMW brand, but the X7 is a great, great car. In fact, I’d argue–until this new 7 Series comes out–the X7 is the brand’s best luxury car.

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For starters, it’s shockingly good to drive. It’s no 2 Series, obviously, but the BMW X7 is more enjoyable to drive than any three-row SUV has the right to be. I’m not sure how many Bavarian souls BMW had to sell to the devil to be able to bend physics the way it does but the X7 goes down a road like a far, far smaller vehicle. All while remaining breathtakingly comfortable and immensely spacious.

Additionally, the X7 has seating for seven and quite possibly the best third row in the business. Not only is the X7’s third row spacious enough for small adults (I’m 5-foot 9-inches and I was able to sit back there for a half hour, while packed with adults, while being shuttle from the airport by BMW and I was fine) but it’s super accommodating. Third-row passengers get their own glass panel in the roof to give it some light, their own climate zone, their own cupholders, and even USB-C ports. Kids will be perfectly cozy in the back of an X7 for hours.

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I’m not a rich man but if I were I’d probably have an X7 as my family vehicle. Actually, who am I kidding, I’d have a Range Rover, but the X7 would tempt the hell out of me, it really would.

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