To all of our rather fortunate friends across the pond, the BMW X7 LCI facelift configurator has just recently gone live on BMW UK’s website. Sort of. You can’t actually totally spec your car, with all of the options and packages you might want, but you can decided on models, colors, interiors, and trims, as well as get a full 360-degree view of the car you might want to buy.

There are three different models you can choose from, thought there isn’t a description of what any of them come with, so you just have to go by what they look like. You can choose from Excellent, M Sport, and M60i models. Obviously, I went for the full-beans M60i because powerrrrrr.

Once you choose your model, you can choose your exterior color. Well, you can really go out of order and choose whatever you want but we’re not animals here, so color is next. Shockingly there are some really interesting color options for the new X7 LCI. For instance, Sparking Copper Metallic is cool, Blue Ridge Mountain Metallic is very different and also named after something American which tickles my stars and stripes, and Manhattan Metallic (another American name). But I’m glad BMW’s offering new things! Naturally, I chose Manhattan Metallic.

There are four different wheel options; two 21″ wheels and two 22″ wheels; one of which is all black and all the others have a sort of two-tone thing going on. Though, the M60i model gets its own 22″ black wheel option. I chose the all-black 22″ wheels for my Manhattan Metallic BMW X7 M60i. This is looking delightfully gross.

Inside, there are several different excellent options to choose from, even if they’re all pretty standard for modern BMW luxury cars. I chose the BMW Individual Ivory White/Atlas Grey Full Merino Leather, despite it not matching Manhattan Metallic at all, because I like chaos.

As far as trims go, you can choose between five different ones but they’re mostly pretty dark; with a few woods, a piano black, and a carbon fiber. Piano black is the worst trim in any vehicle because it’s just glossy plastic and it leaves greasy fingerprints everywhere. Guess which one I chose…

I’m kidding, I’m kidding, I’m not a monster. If I were to spec a BMW X7 LCI, it’d be the Sparkling Copper Metallic, because I’m a sucker for copper-colored cars, with black wheels, the black Sensafin interior because I like saving polar bears, and the Fineline Strip brown wood trim because luxury cars need wood inside. I’m rather chuffed with my UK-spec BMW X7 LCI. Let us know in the comments below how you’d spec your car.

[Source: BMW]