Any criticisms of the BMW 7 Series’ exterior are understandable — it’s a polarizing-looking car. However, I defy anyone to sit inside the new 7 Series, or BMW i7, and not be genuinely impressed with both its quality and its technology. Without question, the new 7er’s cabin is the nicest BMW cabin I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting in. In this new photo gallery, you get to see some of the details that make it so lovely.

It’s not all techno-flashiness, either. There’s some old-school luxury in the 7 Series that separates it from most other cars in the segment. For instance, the quality of the leather on the seats, the steering wheel, and the dashboard are absolutely lovely. The aluminum Bowers & Wilkins speaker grilles look fantastic in contrast with the rich leather door panels, and the wood inlay on the dash is gorgeously done. Even without any of the flashy tech, the 7 Series interior is fabulous.

But then you add in that great tech. So you get an incredibly cool “Interaction Bar,” which is essentially just a lighted bar of trim that wraps around the front cabin and can display different lights for different things. It can also be customized, to display whatever color the driver wants. It’s a bit gimmicky but in a good way. Then there’s the fantastic door panel touchscreens for the rear passengers, which are used to control everything about the rear cabin; climate controls, sunshades, and even the sensational, optional 31-inch theater screen.

Pulling a page out of Rolls-Royce’s book, the new BMW 7 Series also features automatic opening and closing doors. Press a button on the exterior door handle and the door will automatically open. Once inside the car, press a button on the interior door handle, and the door will automatically close. You can’t get that in an S-Class.

The new 7 Series might not be the best looking car in BMW’s history but it has BMW’s best cabin, its most luxurious interior, and the greatest tech the brand has ever had. Check it out.