After introducing the 7 Series G70 in April, BMW continues to spread the word about its all-new flagship car. The first public showcase of the fullsize sedan is taking place at Churchill Downs Racetrack in Louisville, Kentucky. As the first luxury automotive partner of the Kentucky Derby, BMW brought the 760i in a stealthy spec with the M Sport Package.

In case you haven’t seen the 7 Series G70 with the US-mandated orange side markers, now is your chance. Elsewhere, the car’s dark look does a good job of “hiding” the main headlights while making the grille less prominent. Say what you will about its appearance, but you must admit it has presence and a certain sense of occasion.

The 760i is currently BMW’s only V8-powered version of the 2023 7 Series. Sadly, we won’t be seeing it in Europe as the company has already ruled out this 544-horsepower spicy flavor. Those quad exhaust tips are exclusive to the 760i since the M760e has a slightly different look with separate finishers.

The 2023 760i Gets Quad Exhausts Despite Not Being An M Performance Or M Car

The murdered-out saloon is showcased at the BMW Club 7 together with the purely electric i7 alongside a live flower wall with over 7,000 roses and lilies. Attendees can take part in detailed product walkarounds to learn more about the revamped crown jewel. As you have heard, the new 7 comes in only one size and is bigger than the defunct G12.

Seeing these real images is a reminder of how drastic the changes are compared to the model it replaced. It’s a bold look some will have a problem getting used to, but in this spec, the design is growing on us.

Available exclusively with xDrive, the 760i uses a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine. With an ample 750 Nm (551 lb-ft), it needs 4.2 seconds to reach 62 mph (100 km/h) from a standstill. It’s an impressive performance when you take into consideration that it weighs 2,270 kilograms (5,004 pounds).  Whether it deserves the quad exhausts or not, we’ll live it up to you, but be prepared to see the M135i LCI with four tips.