It was less than a week ago when BMW teased the M4 CSL and now its M division is at it again. This time, we are being given a sneak preview of the new M2. Much like its bigger brother, the G87-generation coupe is also debuting this year, but after the Coupe Sport Lightweight’s premiere on May 20.

Mind you, this is no ordinary 2023 BMW M2, but rather a camouflaged prototype with some M Performance bits. By far the most obvious ones are the copper wheels (with Yokohama tires) and the rear wing. We don’t get a view of the rear angle, but it looks as though the typical M dual exhausts tips are not near the corners of the bumper. That tells us the test vehicle had the optional center-mounted exhaust, which was seen on a different prototype earlier this year. The same setup was originally unveiled for the M3 and M4 in September 2020.

Spy shots of M2 G87 test vehicles have already revealed there will be some major changes at the front compared to the normal 2 Series and M240i. Aside from the kidney grille gaining horizontal slats, the front bumper will host rectangular air intakes. Inside, the full-fat M car will set itself apart from the lesser versions by switching to the iDrive 8.

The jury is still out on how much power it will have, but expect the M4’s S58 in a detuned configuration. According to the most optimistic reports, the new BMW M2 could have as much as 450 horsepower in its basic form. Of course, a subsequent but yet-to-be-confirmed M2 CS could pack an even greater punch. We’ll remind you the twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six engine makes 473 hp in the non-Competition M4, so an M2 CS could get “dangerously” close to its big brother.

The M4 CSL and M2 are not the only debuts on the agenda from BMW M as 2022 will also bring us the M3 Touring and the XM.

Source: BMW M / Instagram