We’re witnessing the rebirth of an icon as BMW M took to social media to tease the highly anticipated return of the Coupe Sport Lightweight. The M4 CSL is previewed in two shadowy teaser images to ease the wait until the big day. As seen in multiple spy shots depicting camouflaged prototypes, the track-focused machine is getting a ducktail spoiler to mimic the M3 CSL E46 from 2004.

Another feature everyone is expecting and can be seen here is represented by the retro BMW Motorsport emblem. A large front spoiler lip extends onto the bumper’s side and is likely a component of a larger aerodynamic package planned for the CSL. The massive grille of the regular M4 is still here, highlighted by the black body decals spanning the center of the hood and front bumper. We can’t see them in full, but the kidneys incorporate “Y” elements to make the CSL stand out furthermore.

Much like the M5 CS, BMW is applying yellow accents to the daytime running lights as a nod to the past. The taillights are even more interesting as they seem to have multiple layers of light strips. It remains to be seen whether those are LEDs or OLEDs as used on the M4 GTS F82. Either way, the taillight cluster’s shape appears to be the same, with only the inner bits changed for the CSL.

BMW is believed to offer the car only with an eight-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive. It’ll lose over 100 kilograms (220 pounds) by removing the rear seats and slimming down the sound insulation. The diet will also consist of carbon fiber.

The twin-turbo, 3.0-liter S58 inline-six will allegedly be dialed to somewhere in the region of 550 horsepower. That would give it a substantial advantage of roughly 10% over the M4 Competition. We will have an exact figure near the end of the month when the CSL will celebrate its world premiere.

If our sources are accurate, production will be capped at 1,000 units, thus making the M4 CSL an instant classic. Provided the number is accurate, it’ll be more exclusive than the M3 CSL assembled in 1,383 examples.

Note: attached below are modified versions of the teaser images to show more details.

Source: BMW M / Facebook