It wasn’t a particularly great first quarter of the year for BMW as deliveries went down by 7.3% to 519,796 cars. Seeing the glass half full, sales of M cars rose by 3.1% to 37,894 units while demand for electric vehicles jumped by 116.8% thanks primarily to the i4 and iX. In the quarterly statement document released today, the company provides a breakdown of the sales figure for each model line.

The 1 Series and 2 Series suffered the biggest sales decline of all BMW models as demand dropped by 35.3% to 47,966 cars. As expected, the 3 Series remained the company’s best-selling product by far, generating 117,906 sales between January and March. It’s worth mentioning this number, which is down by 5.4%, also includes deliveries of models from the 4 Series lineup.


Approaching the end of its life cycle, the 5 Series is still going strong as sales declined by only 4.7% to 85,412. The next-generation model will be out next year when a purely electric i5 will join the lineup. As the table above shows, BMW bundles sales of the 5er with the 6er, but the latter is limited to the Gran Turismo (GT) available only in select markets.

7 Series and 8 Series deliveries decreased by about a quarter in the first three months of the year. BMW reports the sedan, coupe, convertible, and four-door coupe were purchased by 12,423 buyers. That’s 25.3% less than in Q1 2021.

Aside from the 6 Series GT, it’s safe to say another unloved product is the Z4. Indeed, the roadster’s popularity continues to decrease as demand went down by 18.8% to just 2,704 sales. It is believed the soft-top convertible will be discontinued in 2025, with no replacement planned.

Moving on to crossovers, the smallest ones suffered a setback in the first quarter of the year. Deliveries of X1 and X2 models decreased by 14.9% to 73,194 units. It was a different story for the X3 and X4 duo as demand rose by 6.9% to 96,683 vehicles. The X5 and X6 remained in high demand, with 56,377 units sold in Q1 2022, or 1.8% less than the same period of last year.

As for the fullsize SUV, the X7 enjoyed a boost in sales of 14.1% to 13,894 vehicles. The largest X model BMW offers just went through a radical mid-cycle facelift bringing split headlights. We’ll have to see whether demand will be impacted by the controversial makeover.

Sales of “i” models are bundled and show a massive hike of 116.8% to 13,237 units. The i3 hatchback is on its way out as production will come to an end in July. Interestingly, BMW still lists the i8 even though the last car was assembled nearly two years ago. There might have been some leftover inventory.

Source: BMW