In the second batch of spy photos today, we get to see yet another upcoming BMW but this time it’s a very different one from the last. Instead of a big, V8-powered SUV, these new photos show off an all-electric sedan, the upcoming BMW i5, and some of its interior gets revealed. (We don’t own the photos but you can see ’em here)

Like the BMW i4, the BMW i5 will be an electrified version of a standard car, the 5 Series, which is why it looks relatively conventional. For the most part, it looks like a normal 5er, which is a good thing. The next-gen 5 Series is going to be an understated, handsome car with a classic BMW design, which means the BMW i5 will be no different. To be honest, there are only two tells, giving this i5’s electric nature away; its lack of visible exhausts and the “Electric Test Vehicle” badges.

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More interesting, though, is its cabin. This sneaky spy photographer was able to snag a few photos of the cabin, showing off its new steering wheel, center console, and digital gauge screen. The latter two are the same you’ll find in any brand-new BMW; the X7 LCI, 7 Series, i7, iX, and i4; though its graphics — which can’t be seen in these photos — will likely mirror those of the i7, iX, and i4. While the steering wheel is the same one found in the new 7 Series and i7. Interestingly, BMW is keeping the flat-bottom design, something it only recently adopted.

It will be interesting to see what sort of interior design this new BMW i5, and its 5 Series sibling, will have. The only other all-new BMW we’ve seen (with the exception of the one-off-design iX) is the 7 Series, which is BMW’s flagship. Could the 5 Series and i5 borrow some of that car’s interior details? Maybe a smaller-scale Interaction Bar, maybe similarly lovely seats, or maybe even the 7er’s auto-closing doors? We’re going to see how luxurious and premium BMW wants to make the 5 Series and i5 soon enough.

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