Looks like BMW’s three upcoming electric cars were doing some testing together in South Africa. Some new spy video shows the BMW XM, the iX1, and the soon-to-be-released BMW i7 all doing some camouflaged testing in public. In this video, you get to see a decently up close look at all three.

The BMW iX1 looks like what you’d expect a BMW iX1 to look like, through camouflage. It’s a small, hatchback-looking crossover with a sporty roofline, cool wheels, and a low-ish ride height. So far, it looks like a cool little car and, because it will be BMW’s entry-level EV, it could be a surprisingly popular crossover.

However, the BMW XM is the flip-side of that coin. It’s a massive, immensely powerful, uber-expensive, and ultra-exclusive SUV. Okay, so it won’t be a fully-electric car, as it will have a hybrid V8 powertrain, but it will be able to drive itself on EV power alone and will make around 750 horsepower, with its combined powertrain. It’s going to be a monster and it seems to have monster looks, as well. The muscular rear wheel arches and stacked quad exhaust make it look very angry.

As for the BMW i7, it shows off essentially exactly what we’ve see from the i7, in official teaser photos and spy photos. It’s going to look nearly identical to the standard BMW 7 Series, only with a few subtle nods to its electrification. BMW doesn’t want customers to have to choose between the standard 7er and the i7 for any reason other than propulsion.

All three electric (or hybrid) BMWs are going to be hugely important cars. The BMW XM will be its first-ever from-the-ground-up M car, as well as the first hybrid M car. The BMW i7 will be the brand’s technological and electrified flagship. While the BMW iX1 will be its entry-level EV, the car for young BMW customers that want to try something all-electric. Check ’em out. [Top image: instagram.com/wilcoblok]