The Nurburgring is hands down the best place on earth to catch automakers as they test future models. Most European car manufacturers as well as Hyundai/Kia have facilities in the near vicinity of the famous race track. BMW is frequently spied there evaluating a great variety of cars, from the lowly 1er to the stately 7er.

A new video shot at a roundabout near the Nurburgring depicts an excellent assortment of cars. Of course, our main focus is on those carrying the famous propeller, kicking things off with the G70 at the beginning of the video. The fullsize sedan and its electric i7 equivalent are just the tip of the iceberg since many other BMWs follow.

At the 1:49 mark, we believe we’re looking at the one and only M4 CSL judging by the chunky ducktail spoiler beneath the camouflage. Then there’s the M2 cruising along as it enters the roundabout without being in a hurry. It’s followed by a silent i7 since we can only hear the tires before the plug-in hybrid M5 appears at 4:12.

Most BMW Prototypes Spotted At The Nurburgring Are Coming Out In 2022

A rather mysterious M240i with a roll cage is also noticeable, at 4:35, prior to an M2 appearing in front of the spy camera. Later in the video, prototypes of the i7 and M5 once again show up, and we could say the same thing about the M2. Most of the cars caught that day were from BMW and Mercedes, but we can also see some Porsches and VWs.

Many of the BMWs featured in the spy video shot near the Nurburgring will be revealed this year. Leading the way will be the 7 Series G70 and the i7 on April 20. The M4 CSL will follow in May, with the M2 to arrive later in 2022. This year will also bring us the M3 Touring and production XM. That M5 won’t be launched until 2024, but the 5 Series / i5 are coming out next year.

Source: EMS Nordschleife TV / YouTube