The BMW Group is officially expanding, as BMW has officially acquired ALPINA, adding the famed boutique manufacturer to its portfolio of premium brands. BMW AG and ALPINA Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH & Co. have officially reached an agreement to secure the long-term future of ALPINA. Though, both brands have agreed to not publicly discuss the financial details of the acquisition.

For more than half a century, BMW and ALPINA have worked closely with one another, creating some of the most special premium sports cars on the market. Business will continue as usual; with ALPINA developing, manufacturing, and selling modified BMW products; until 2025, as both brands extended their long-term agreement for five years, back in 2020. As per that agreement, ALPINA products will still be pre-assembled on BMW production lines, before being transferred to Buchloe, just outside Munich, for the ALPINA treatment. That agreement won’t change until 2025 but, after that, both brands will look to the future.

In a recent press release, BMW and ALPINA have left no doubt that the future of mobility; both in terms of electrification and automation; was one of the main factors in this acquisition. As a small manufacturer, such drastic changes in the nature of mobility are difficult for ALPINA. But being part of the BMW Group, and having access to all of its resources and engineering might, will help ALPINA move into the future.

After 2025, the current vehicle program at ALPINA’s headquarters in Buchloe will end. Service, parts, and accessories businesses will continue on in Buchloe but the main vehicle manufacturing will not, which will affect jobs. BMW will work to find many of those ALPINA employees jobs with BMW, as well as other suppliers and development partners.

Last year was the most successful year in ALPINA’s history. Being part of the BMW Group will keep ALPINA alive and prosperous through the coming changes. Burkard Bovensiepen founded ALPINA in 1965 and has been developing, manufacturing, and racing modified BMWs ever since. Now, 57 years later, the two brands are officially one.