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Is There a Rival BMW Brand That You Also Love?

I’m a fan of BMW but I’m also a car enthusiast. There’s no fanboy-ism here. I like cool cars, interesting from any brand, from any country, so long as they’re cool and interesting. And often…

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MINI And Rolls-Royce Sales Were Up In Q1 2022

The BMW Group’s first quarter of the year had its ups and downs. On the one hand, the BMW core brand saw its sales decline by 7.3% to 519,796 units. On the other hand, M…

Could ALPINA Bridge A Gap Between BMW And Rolls-Royce?

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OPINION: ALPINA is Gonna be Just Fine Under BMW

When BMW broke the news that it was buying ALPINA, it felt like a somber day for many enthusiasts. I read countless comments on this site from readers who were convinced BMW’s acquisition spelled death…

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Will the US Market Get More ALPINA Models Now?

BMW’s recent acquisition of ALPINA made headlines yesterday and drew mixed reactions from fans of both brands. Some seem excited about the idea of BMW owning ALPINA, as it means more money and resources for…

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The BMW Group is officially expanding, as BMW has officially acquired ALPINA, adding the famed boutique manufacturer to its portfolio of premium brands. BMW AG and ALPINA Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH & Co. have officially reached…