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BMW CFO Isn’t Worried About a Potential Apple Car

Many years ago, there were some whispers of a potential Apple Car were circulating through the automotive world. The iPhone giant was reportedly looking into developing an electric and highly autonomous car but was also…

Video: Stage 2 M8 Gran Coupe takes on McLaren 720s on drag strip

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Car Magazine Does a Deep Dive into ALPINA

As BMW enthusiasts, ALPINA holds a special place in our hearts. While the majority of the car buying public is completely unaware of its existence, especially here in the U.S., ALPINA is one of the…

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VIDEO: 2021 BMW 530e Review Covers All the Bases

The BMW 530e is viewed by many customers as a perfect mix for their needs. It combines a mostly satisfying electric-only range for city trips with a good, old-fashioned internal combustion engine for longer trips….