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2020 ALPINA D3 S – A Closer Look At the New Super Diesel

ALPINA’s diesel models have always had a special appeal and are some of the most coveted cars in Europe. The Buchloe-based automaker has built a name for themselves with their diesel powerplants, so naturally, when…

The principle of 20 spokes : History of the ALPINA wheel design

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ALPINA explains the extensive pre-production testing phase

Prior to entering production, new ALPINA models are subjected to an extensive array of endurance tests and fine-tuning procedures. Through these tests, ALPINA aims to deliver an outstanding performance machine that meets the highest standard…

2020 BMW ALPINA B7 xDrive 0010 830x553

Rare 1982 BMW ALPINA B7 S Turbo goes up for auction

One of the things that really helped put ALPINA on the map as a car manufacturer was the fact that their ludicrously powerful and fast creations were built in limited numbers back in the day….

2020 ALPINA B7 xDrive test drive 27 830x553

2020 BMW ALPINA XB7 running hot on the Nurburgring

ALPINA is preparing one of the fastest, if not the fastest SUV in the world. The 2020 BMW ALPINA XB7 was just spotted on the Nurburgring with just months before its world debut. Geared mainly…