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Autocar ranks the best ALPINA and BMW M models in history

The collaboration between BMW and ALPINA is somewhat unique in the industry today. Some might say that other companies also enjoy certain perks from well-established car makers, but the ALPINA-BMW relationship goes beyond anything else…

2020 ALPINA D3 S – A Closer Look At the New Super Diesel

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ALPINA explains the extensive pre-production testing phase

Prior to entering production, new ALPINA models are subjected to an extensive array of endurance tests and fine-tuning procedures. Through these tests, ALPINA aims to deliver an outstanding performance machine that meets the highest standard…

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Rare 1982 BMW ALPINA B7 S Turbo goes up for auction

One of the things that really helped put ALPINA on the map as a car manufacturer was the fact that their ludicrously powerful and fast creations were built in limited numbers back in the day….