It was less than two weeks ago when BMW released “We are M” and now it’s back with another video to celebrate 50 years of M. Narrated as if we’re watching a documentary on National Geographic, “Iconic Pack” puts the spotlight on the M3 and M4. You’ll have to wait until the end of the video for the juicy part when the M3 Touring G81 appears.

A reminder an M3 wagon is happening, “Iconic Pack” associates the M3/M4 with wild creatures racing towards the peak. The so-called “annual ritual” shows the sedan and coupe Competition models with and without xDrive, plus the convertible. All cars eventually make way for the new arrival, with the M3 Touring appearing from the 2:20 mark.

One tidbit can be found in the video’s description, showing the M3 Touring has the highest fuel consumption of them all. Not that many will care, but the speedy wagon is rated at 10.3 liters / 100 km WLTP. BMW doesn’t include “M xDrive” in the description, but we know it’ll be automatic- and AWD-only. The fact it’s the thirstiest doesn’t come as a surprise since it should be the heaviest of the bunch.

Lots Of New Or Updated M Models Arriving In 2022

BMW’s teaser strategy is clear as the previous film had an M4 CSL easter egg and now the M3 Touring. The new Iconic Pack clip shows the Audi RS4 Avant competitor still wearing full camouflage attire with a sticker extending onto both doors. The “B’Ring It On” message next to the Nürburgring track’s layout likely includes some subtext. Specifically, the M division could be going after the fastest production wagon record at the Green Hell.

Since the M4 CSL and M3 Touring have been teased, logic tells us BMW will introduce the new M2 and production-ready XM in the latter half of 2022. Meanwhile, the M division has already released a somewhat fresh product by giving the M8 lineup a subtle facelift.

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