This new BMW M4 is properly fast. To be honest, it’s far faster than we expected it to be, especially with xDrive all-wheel drive. Fans wondered why BMW would use such heretical technology in the new M3 and M4 and, after seeing the performance figures, it now makes sense. With xDrive, the new BMW M4 is faster than a Ferrari 458 Italia in a straight line. For proof of that, someone tested a BMW M4 Competition xDrive Convertible and it hit 60 mph in 3.24 seconds.

For reference, the aforementioned Ferrari was claimed to do the same sprint in 3.4 seconds back in its day, which was admittedly more than ten years ago. What’s even more shocking is that the M4 used for the test was a Convertible, which is the heaviest and slowest of the Competition xDrive models. It didn’t even have the lightweight sport seats, so it was about as heavy as an M4 can get. Curb weight for the BMW M4 Competiton xDrive Convertible is about 4,300 lbs, which makes it quite the porker.

Photos by Daniel Gladstone

The car was also stock, running on 93 octane gas and using the Pirelli P Zero tires that came with the car. So no funny business was going on during this test. Hell, the 0-60 mph time was even without a one-foot rollout and on a slight incline, and it still ran a 3.24 second time. If you account for a one-foot rollout (which so many publications do), the M4 ‘Vert nailed 60 mph in 3.07 seconds, which is absurd.

For reference, my 627 horsepower M5 CS tester, with a one-foot rollout, got to 60 mph in 2.89 seconds. Gone are the days of slim, lightweight M cars but at least these new heavyweights make up for that with shocking performance.

Graph shared by Daniel Gladstone
Graph shared by Daniel Gladstone

[Photos and data shared by Daniel Gladstone]