The upcoming BMW i7 is one of the most important upcoming Bimmers, as it will allow the Bavarians to take on cars like the Mercedes-Benz EQS, Lucid Air, and Tesla Model S. It’s going to be BMW’s electric, luxury, and technological flagship. However, if its design doesn’t work, it’s going to suffer, as design is important to uber high-end clientele, especially when the competition is so stylish.

In these new renders, we get to see one render artist’s vision of what the rear end of the BMW i7 will look like. These are very early renders, mind you, based off of very early, heavily camouflaged spy photos. However, they do feature a few interesting design cues, such as the slim taillights, the rear bumper with a large section of negative space, and a very tall trunk line. It’s so tall, in fact, I thought it was an X6 from the thumbnail.

The taillights look like they’ll probably be similar to production, as recent spy photos show off seemingly slim taillights. However, the large section in the rear bumper looks a bit off and is kind of pointless.

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I’m also not sure the BMW i7 will gain much praise with a rear end looking like this, especially when cars like the EQS and Lucid Air look so good from behind. Though, again, these are just early renders and don’t necessarily represent the final production car.

When the BMW i7 debuts, it will be based on the new 7 Series, which we’re hearing is supposed to feature a radical new design language, one that will separate it from its more traditional siblings, such as the 5 Series. We know it will have a massive grille, as all high-end luxury Bimmers will, and it will feature the most luxurious interior ever fitted to a BMW. The latter will also have a massive theater screen option for the rear seat.

What do you think, though, do you think this rear end would do well on the production BMW i7?

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