BMW is coming back to the Super Bowl for the first time in seven years and it’s bringing some electric star power. On February 13, BMW will air a new ad for an upcoming electric car during Super Bowl LVI and it recently dropped a new teaser for the ad, featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As a tie in with Schwarzenegger’s upcoming movie Zeus, in which Schwarzenegger plays the titular Greek God, he appears in this new teaser for BMW’s Super Bold commercial, decked out in the lightning-clad outfit of the Gods… at a coffee shop. The barista behind the counter calls his name but can’t pronounce “Zeus” properly, until the Austrian-Greek God of thunder corrects him. It’s short and fun, as it’s entertaining to see Arnold Schwarzenegger dressed up as a Greek God but then speak with an Austrian accent, with a deadpan look.

The screen then cuts to black, with nothing else but a BMW logo and the date “February 13, 2022”, the date of the Superb Owl. BMW is clearly teasing some sort of announcement, set for the Super Bowl, which will be very interesting. Last time BMW debuted something big in a Super Bowl commercial, it was the BMW i3. Will this year’s return be as significant? That’s yet to be seen but it’s going to be electric.

As a massive football fan, I’m very excited for the actual Super Bowl itself but now, as a car enthusiast, I’m excited to see what sort BMW is planning for its commercial. I don’t know what BMW is planning for the Super Bowl but it’s likely going to be something about the BMW i4 or iX, to get one of, or both, of those cars seen on the biggest televised stage in America. Hopefully, it has as big of an impact as the i3 commercial did back in its day.