Earlier this month, BMW was spotted testing the next-generation M5 for the very first time. However, it doesn’t mean the company will be neglecting the F90 model going forward. Case in point, the super sedan is getting a splash of color in Europe for 2022 with four previously unavailable shades.

Customers from the Old Continent will be able to order the M5 with Sophisto Grey Brilliant Effect, San Remo Green, and Skyscraper Grey. All three are metallic colors, much like the new-for-M5 BMW Individual paint finish Frozen Deep Grey. These will be offered in conjunction with the already announced retro badges to mark 50 years of the M division.

The anniversary emblem will adorn not only the wheel center caps, but also the trunk lid and the engine cover. This classic BMW Motorsport logo with blue, purple, and red harkens back to 1973 when it debuted on race cars. Throughout this year, BMW will offer the old-school badges on M cars and those fitted with the M Sport package.

Those not willing to go down the plug-in hybrid route still have plenty of time to buy the gasoline-only M5. The next-gen model with its electrified V8 is unlikely to hit the market within the next two years. If power is what you’re mainly after, the F90’s successor will be worth the wait. It’s expected to pack somewhere in the region of 750 hp to mirror the Concept XM.

Changes To The M Lineup

Meanwhile, the limited-run M5 CS has been removed from online configurations, though some dealers might have a few left in stock. That should not come as a surprise since BMW mentioned it would be a one-year-only affair. The base and Competition models are sticking around, and now offer additional customization options. We are eager to see an M5 later this year with the vintage emblems and one of these new colors.

2022 will also bring us the new M2, M3 Touring, and the M4 CSL – all of which will get the retro-flavored badging. The whole M8 lineup was facelifted this week and the M3 Sedan should get a nip and tuck as well.

[Source: BMW]