We bring some exclusive live photos from the world unveil of the new BMW CONCEPT XM. The new luxury M SUV was just unveiled in Miami, ahead of the annual Art Basel, and we were on site to capture it on film. You can follow our video coverage on our Youtube channel as well.

The BMW XM Concept is the brand’s first-ever true plug-in hybrid. An all-new V8 engine will pair with an electric motor to make 750 horsepower and 737 lb-ft of torque, which not only makes it BMW M’s first hybrid but also the most powerful BMW in history. Furthermore, the BMW XM will be also the first-ever M car to be able to drive on electricity alone. Being a plug-in hybrid, the XM Concept is said to have around 80 km of range on the WLTP cycle and 30 miles on EPA rating.

But of course, it’s the design that takes the centerstage. For starters, it’s an all-new vehicle from BMW; it’s not a refresh, it’s not an M Performance version, nor is it even based on an existing product. This design is completely fresh. Additionally, it’s interesting to see how the M Division approaches design on its own.

It’s easy to see that the M Division wanted the XM to look imposing. The front-end is quite aggressive and bold, aided by a set of split headlights and a massive front bumper. The hood line is tall and the front end is very upright. Its monster grilles are illuminated and the power dome is equally impressive with two air openings and lots of creases running across. The side view reveals a coupe-like design, but not as much as the BMW X6, for example.

BMW M also paid itself a bit of a homage, with two Roundels being etched into the rear window, a nod to the only other standalone M car ever — the BMW M1. When the super slim taillights come on, the etched Roundels glow red. Lower down at the back end are vertically-stacked, quad, trapezoidal exhausts protrude from the rear bumper.

The cabin of the BMW XM might be the most overly stylish and luxurious of any BMW. Thankfully, the design is all-new, with very few existing BMW bits carried over. The shift lever, door pulls, and iDrive system are the only major carryover items inside the XM, the rest is unique. Even the steering wheel is mostly unique to the XM.

The photo gallery below shows the first live images of the BMW CONCEPT XM, so feel free to click through the extensive gallery: