If you were to build the perfect Frankenstein BMW M3, made from only stock M3 parts, it would be a simple combination — the E46 M3 with an E92 M3 engine. That way, you’d get the perfect balance, steering, and looks of the E46 M3 but with the screaming V8 of the E92 M3. Which is exactly why Turner Motorsport is currently making such a car. It’s called the Turnicorn and it’s a project Turner Motorsports is putting a ton of time and careful thought into. In this new video, Turner Motorsports provides an update on the project and what kind of work is going into it.

Images by instagram.com/andrewlink for Turner Motorsport

This is pretty much the dream engine swap. We’ve already seen similar engine swap projects before but this one is different because it’s done by Turner Motorsports. Turner has one of the most successful BMW racing teams in America. They know a thing or two about building a great car, which is why the attention to detail payed to this project is unlike any other engine swap project you’ll find. The headers, for example, are beautiful hand-crafted pieces of metalwork and that same sort of craftsmanship makes its way through the rest of the build.

Paired with the E92 M3’s S65 engine is a six-speed manual transmission, as the Car Gods intended. No pesky SMG gearbox here to spoil the fun. The car looks great, too; black on black with black wheels. It’s a bit extreme but for such an extreme car, it’s fitting. Check it out to see one of the coolest engine swap builds you’ll ever see.


[Images by instagram.com/andrewlink for Turner Motorsport]