E92 BMW M3

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VIDEO: Evolve makes the E92 BMW M3 sound like a CSL

One of the best parts about the E46 M3 CSL was its noise. Not just its exhaust noise but also its induction noise. The 3.2 liter naturally-aspirated inline-six engine sported a carbon fiber intake plenum…

What’s the best sounding BMW engine of all time?

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This R56 MINI gets an E92 BMW M3 V8

MINIs are always great cars to stuff bigger engines in. They’re small and fun to drive to begin with but a bit down on power. To stuffing a bigger engine, with a lot more power,…

Silverstone Metallic BMW E92 M3 With Vossen Wheels 4 750x500

Silverstone Metallic BMW E92 M3 – Photoshoot

Bidding farewell to something isn’t an easy task to do. It’s a batch of mixed feelings that drive us to various emotional decisions. One of those is to never let go. So before the new…