E92 BMW M3

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VIDEO: Learn How to Drive an E92 BMW M3 in the Snow

Snow driving is probably the best way to learn proper car control, especially in a rear-wheel drive car. Grip levels are extremely low and it’s easy to slide the car at low speeds which, if…

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858 miles BMW M3 E92 in Interlagos Blue up for sale

Among BMW enthusiasts, there’s one car that’s growing in popularity on the used market — the E92 M3. While the E92 M3 was always a popular car, it’s become increasingly in-demand over the past couple…

VIDEO: What’s it Like to Drive a Supercharged E92 BMW M3 with 650 HP?

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How Well Was the E92 BMW M3 Received in its Time?

Can you believe 2007 was fourteen years ago? That’s the year I graduated high-school and still remember it vividly. I also remember when I first saw the E92 BMW M3, with its bulging hood, free-breathing…