E46 BMW M3

Dakar Yellow BMW E46 M3 Convertible 00 830x553

VIDEO: Was the E46 BMW M3 the Peak of the M3?

Ask most BMW enthusiasts which M3 is best and the answer will almost unanimously be the E46-generation M3. Sure, there may be a few E30 and E92 stans that will chime in but the most…

VIDEO: Check This Review of the S85 V10-Powered E46 M3

bmw e46 m3 coupe 00 830x553

VIDEO: Check This E46 M3 with an S85 5.0 V10 and DCT

The E46 BMW M3 is widely considered the best M3 of all time. Its balance of brilliant handling, pure steering, and naturally-aspirated engine still make it a masterclass of small sports coupe engineering. However, by…