To say the battle in the EV segment is heating up would be the understatement of the year, and it is only January 5. The big news today from CES 2022 is the official premiere of the BMW iX M60, the first electric M SUV ever. However, Las Vegas is also hosting the world premiere of another electric SUV from a company that doesn’t sell any cars (yet).

PlayStation creator Sony is introducing the Vision-S 02 to preview a potential production model. Yes, the Japanese technology giant is officially creating a separate company known as “Sony Mobility” to analyze the prospects of entering the automotive arena. After a hypothetical BMW i7-rivaling sedan unveiled at CES 2020, the new concept foretells an SUV about the size of the iX.

Even though the iX is 2.3 inches longer, its wheelbase is 1.3 inches shorter since the Vision-S 02 benefits from a dedicated electric platform with shorter front and rear overhangs to maximize the distance between the axles. BMW’s electric SUV is a tad wider and taller, but Sony’s concept has a more spacious screen-heavy interior with room for up to seven people.

Power comes from dual electric motors providing a total of 536 horsepower channeled to both axles, which is 20 hp more than the iX xDrive50. Much like the BMW, Sony’s concept has adaptive air suspension, pop-out door handles, and 20-inch alloy wheels. The Vision-S 02 takes a different styling approach as it has a more curvaceous shape with a sloping roofline.

There’s no word about when a potential production version would hit the market, but both the sedan and SUV look quite close to production despite being officially labeled as concepts. Sony teamed up with automobile manufacturer Magna Steyr and other big names in the industry to create the Vision-S 01 and 02. Therefore, it’s no wonder a dedicated Sony Mobility company is coming to potentially go up against legacy automakers.

[Source: Sony]