BMW continues its testing sessions of the 2023 i7 electric limousine. After publishing their own spy photos earlier this month, the Bavarians are now back with a new set of shots featuring the upcoming electric and luxurious sedan. The G70/G71 is now entering a new stage in the testing process – hot weather climate and steep mountain roads. During this process, the development engineers primarily verify the performance and reliability of the electric motors, the all-wheel drive and the high-voltage battery when being exposed to maximum stress from high temperatures, unpaved roads, dust and large differences in altitude. The BMW i7 will now encounter a variety of different obstacles, from gravel tracks into deserts to tight roads and high climbs.

BMW says that the “endurance test in the hot regions of various countries and continents serves in particular to test and safeguard all components of the electric drive system.” The engineers will then use the data to see how the massive i7 limousine’s components react to the driving conditions. The electric motors, the high-voltage battery, drive control and the integrated cooling system are measured as well. Of course, energy management, brake regeneration and charging capabilities are measured too.

To further increase the load on the drive system, the test programme also includes mountain driving in trailer mode. At the same time, the high-voltage battery shows how it able to continuously deliver peak power to supply the e-motors. Another important test involves driving downhill with a high-voltage storage system that is already fully charged at the start and can therefore no longer absorb any recuperation energy.

The top BMW i7 model is rumored to have three electric motors in its highest specification. Two of them will be mounted at the back and the third one will be positioned on the front axle. It will alledgedly have somewhere in the region of 650 horsepower rather along with a large 120-kWh battery pack with enough juice for 435 miles (700 kilometers) per WLTP. We also expect a dual-motor setup, with all-wheel drive, and a 105 kWh battery in the floor. Production for the upcoming 7 Series is slated to kick off in July 2022 and we expect sales to begin in fall of next year.