The BMW X7 is currently the biggest SUV you can buy from the Bavarian car maker. It was created to take on the likes of Mercedes-Benz’s GLS and cars like the Range Rover. Of course, both of them preceding the X7 by quite a lot. And yet, the luxo-barge from Munich proved it can be a hot seller over time. Even though there were plenty of cries heard from enthusiasts online, when the car was originally unveiled, sales confirmed its hit status.

Reviews also say that the X7 is doing better than expected in a number of key areas, including driving dynamics. That was probably the biggest surprise, since nobody expected such a huge model to be anywhere near the notion of ‘sportiness’. And yet, the BMW X7 proved them all wrong. But how does it compare to the Range Rover? Well, the guys from Lovecars decided to find out, by putting Tiff Needell behind the wheel of the British model.

The video kicks off with a sort of drag race on the beach, as the presenters claim that both these cars have off-roading capabilities. The truth of the matter is, only the Range Rover does which is rather evident in the ‘race’ as it’s the only one that comes with a low-ratio gear setup. You have to check the video to understand what we’re talking about better.

On the other hand, these cars are more likely to be driven on public roads more often than not, especially around town and on busy streets. That’s where the X7 truly shines, especially if you consider the model in the video, that is no longer in production, unfortunately: the X7 M50d. It comes with the M Performance suspension that keeps the weight in check brilliantly and a 3.0 liter straight-six diesel with four turbochargers, good for 400 horsepower . But can it handle a bit of off-roading too? The final part of the video tries to find out.