New Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class to take on the BMW X7

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BMW X7 production 26 830x553

Back before Mercedes-Benz’s SUV-naming scheme change, the brand’s largest SUV was called the “GL-Class”. I’m an unapologetic GL-Class fan. I always liked the way it …

Back before Mercedes-Benz’s SUV-naming scheme change, the brand’s largest SUV was called the “GL-Class”. I’m an unapologetic GL-Class fan. I always liked the way it looked, the luxury and comfort of the interior and the way it drove. Yes, it’s possible to be a big BMW fan while also liking some Mercedes-Benz products, as difficult as that might sound to some Bavarian-faithful. Mercedes-Benz recently changed the name of the GL-Class to “GLS-Class”, in keeping with the rest of its SUV-naming scheme which matches the last letter to its corresponding segment. So the GLS-Class has S-Class levels of luxury and tech. Get it? Despite its new name change, though, the current GLS-Class is basically unchanged from the GL-Class that I was always a fan of. That’s going to change soon, though, as Mercedes-Benz is readying a new GLS-Class SUV just in time to take on the upcoming BMW X7.

At the moment, there isn’t a lot known about the upcoming GLS-Class. It’s said to be built on Mercedes’ new MHA platform, which will underpin most large Mercedes vehicles in the future. That new platform should allow the GLS-Class to be larger and more capacious than before, while also being lighter and more dynamic. Judging from some new spy photos of the GLS (seen here), it does seem quite large, larger than the previous generation car. Though, it does maintain that long, flat roof, which is a good thing as it always allowed for more interior space, both in terms of headroom and cargo capacity. Plus, I always like the look.

BMW X7 production 25 830x553


When compared with the BMW X7, they should be very similar in size and boast very similar cargo and passenger room. As we know, the Germans don’t really do anything without copying each other. It should also come with the absolute latest in Mercedes-Benz technology, just as the X7 will do for BMW.

We don’t know exactly what sort of powertrains will motivate the massive GLS-Class, though we can venture a pretty accurate guess. Base model engines will likely be the brand’s new 3.0 liter turbocharged I6 engine (yay, straight-sixes are coming back) and a diesel V6. Then, there’s likely going to be a variant of the Mercedes’ 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8, probably in an AMG model, and a possible plug-in hybrid.

It’s really no surprise that Mercedes-Benz is making a new GLS-Class, as the first one was highly successful. What’s interesting is that now BMW has a horse in the same race. The Bavarians never had an SUV that large before, so the GLS was always alone in Germany. Now, though, Mercedes-Benz will have some Bavarian competition in this segment and the BMW X7 will be getting a brand-new GLS to compete with when it finally debuts. How fun.

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18 responses to “New Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class to take on the BMW X7”

  1. Alexander S says:

    Don’t forget abot Range Rover. At that moment the main competitor.

    • That’s true, the big Range is in the segment. Though I feel that Range Rover customers only buy Range Rovers and don’t really look at anything else. Sort of like Porsche 911 customers. Still, it’s in the segment.

    • Andrewthecarguy says:

      I agree with Nico. I think RR buyers are not looking for a lux family hauler, which really is what the GLS is and the upcoming X7 will be. That BMW wants to offer a more luxurious 4 seater version is just to have something to compete with RR with but really not the same thing in my book.

  2. Manny Antunes says:

    The GL has been out for 10 years, isn’t it BMW thats entering their space?

  3. Hayden8 says:

    Nico, Mercedes has also a inline 6 cylinder diesel, which is already out for the S class and others.

  4. FD187 says:

    Nico will either vehicle (gls or x7) offer 2+2+2 seating configuration?

    • I don’t know about the GLS but we’ve heard there might be an uber-luxurious X7 that might even just have a 2 + 2 configuration. However, I don’t know about 2+2+2.

      • FD187 says:

        Cool thanks man. That leaked option sheet for the x7 pre production doesn’t seem to list it as an option so figured I’d see if you had any intel

        • No problem. If there is a different seating configuration, it likely won’t be an option but on a different trim level. For instance, there might be an extra luxurious variant with just two back seats, a ton of room and extreme luxury. A BMW X7 M60i, or something like that, for example.

  5. mod9 says:

    No contest here for me, I am a BMW can throughout but I would but the GL/GLS without blinking. The X7 is fugly. Also, BMW has yet to beat the Mercedes in the luxury department. Chances are the Benz will still be the better luxurious SUV.

    • Andrewthecarguy says:

      Dear mod9, BMW can. But-ing the GL/GLS might hurt.

      Seriously though, I get your sentiment but without seeing a production X7 how can you conclude?
      Also, as much as I like the GLS, I am not a fan of the dated interior with the chiclet buttons ans small-ish nav screen. I think the current X5’s interior is more modern and desirable, which means the X7’s should be fantastic.

      • mod9 says:

        Lol. Blame that on auto correct. Back at you on “ans”. I think we can agree that the X7 will look quite modern inside based on the “leaks” but remember that the GLS itself will also be new and obviously will likely look more modern.


        I didn’t say the GLS was pretty but is sure looks better that the X7, as much as I am a fan (not a can) of the BMW brand I will not praise or buy anything and everything that comes from them just because it carries their badge.

        • Andrewthecarguy says:

          I hope the GLS will indeed get a modern interior upgrade at least close to the ‘new’ S class. There is a world of difference between the 2 and yet the GLS is the S class of SUVs. Just not quite there yet.
          On another note, I applaud Mercedes for offering the GLS with a full range of engines, something BMW does not have the guts to do. A GLS 63 AMG is just WOW.

    • Icebreakerr says:

      GLS is ugly lol

  6. Wayne Hughes says:

    I’ve owned a 2007 Gl450 and Now a 2014 Gl550; I was waiting for the new GLS (2019-2020) however no one knows when. I’m now researching the X7, I hope it has the credentials to match the GLS class.

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